26- Finding Humor, Joy & Empathy In The Middle of Dementia with Rowena Richie and Ed Frauenheim

Helping a loved one live through dementia can offer surprising moments of humor, joy, and empathy. Co-Founders of Heart Tank Rowena Richie and Ed Frauenheim, discuss how it’s time to rewrite the narratives around dementia and dementia care by helping families better deal with grief and learn to celebrate the gifts of care partnership.  One in ten Americans over 65 has dementia.* Virtually all of our lives are touched by it. It’s time for everyone to understand dementia, prepare for it, and make the most out of the time we all have together. 

*Source: https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/24/health/dementia-cognitive-decline-wellness/index.html

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